• SPF Addict and Community Inspiration

    Encouraging and inspiring women of all ages is one of our many missions. We were honored to suport Miss California USA. Being part of a young woman's journey, to inspire and to see her soar is awesome.

    Supporting young women gives us yet another opportunity to educate on the importance of sun protection and premature aging.

    Congratulations to Miss California USA, may she continue to soar and follow her dreams!

  • Is Sun Protective Clothing Necessary?

    The first question I get when people see SPF Addict sun protective clothing is "I thought my own clothes were protecting me"? Second question is "How do these clothes protect me"?

    Tan lines can be deceiving outside your clothing, giving you the impression that your clothes have you completely protected from the sun. The truth is that you are somewhat protected, meaning your fabric may in fact be a UPF (ultraviolet protective factor) 5 to 10, thus explaining the tan line you have outside your shirt. This rating would NOT be near what you need to keep you sun safe from potential skin cancer and premature aging.

    This is extremely important to be aware of if you are photosensitive from the sun.
    Ultraviolet indeed passes thru your fabric just as it passes thru windows and clouds, in particular the long wave length known as the UVA rays.

    Sun protection has become an important part of life today because the rate of skin cancer is rising rapidly.

    Next time your shopping look for a UPF rating of 50+ on the tag. This is the highest rating for sun protection in fabric. UPF50+ blocks 98.8% of the sun's ultraviolet rays.

  • Business on a Mission with a Driven Purpose

    It is our mission not only to educate on skin cancer awareness and keep you sun safe, but also to give back in many other ways. We delight in sponsoring those who are bringing attention and raising money for other cancers as well as supporting other diseases, disabilities, and special needs whenever possible. We are not a large company but we believe each and every one of us can make a difference.

    Team iRTracing Team iRTracing mens cycling team races to support pediatric brain cancer

    Our philosophy from the inception of SPF Addict is to give back, educate,build jobs, sustainable products, and promote women in business. As we continue that mission we are delighted to support Team iRtracing a mens professional cycling team racing internationally in support of pediatric brain cancer, benefactors are Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, California.
    Please meet Team iRtracing on a mission!

  • Gift of Health, Education and Comfort because we care!

    healthy.holidaysWe all have those "difficult to shop for" people in our lives, it may be that they have everything, they don't use anything or are just plain difficult. There is always something to offer everyone when it comes to their health, either staying healthy or becoming healthier.

    Just look at the health stores a little closer, brick and mortar or on line, you will definitely find a great gift idea for your loved ones well being.

    What about a gift that offers education, we are always willing to learn something new. This can pertain to their interests or not. If it offers health, education and comfort your on the right path. From a book to a blanket, a hat to a cover up, a relaxing CD to gloves. These simple things are offering all of the above.

    There is no better gift then showing your loved one YOU CARE for them even in a simple small way.


  • Summer coming to an end but NOT your UV protection!

    As summer comes to an end it is easy to become complacent and forget about your sunscreen. Many think because they're no longer outdoors much and have ended most of they're water sports, they also end sun protection. Please remember sunscreen and sun protective clothing must continue throughout the year, special attention to those of us in sunny states most of the year. As for those cloudy days, UVA rays is still at work passing thru those windows, clouds and fabric. RAIN OR SHINE sun protection continues. If skin cancer is not on your mind then accelerated aging should be!


    I had an epic Los Angeles Saturday with my kids today. First we went to see a screening of Muppets Most Wanted at the El Capitan in Hollywood in the morning (yes, it was great, but more about that later). Then to a baseball game at one windy park and then to a basketball game at another park. It went from chilly in the morning to having the sun beat down on us as we waited for the basketball game to start.

    The entire day I wore the Ultimate Wrap from SPF Addict over my t-shirt. I am in love with it.

    Not only is it really cute and comfortable, it wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cold. But what I really like about the wrap is that it has sun protection of UPF 50+. UPF is “known as Ultraviolet Protection Factor which indicates how much of the sun’s UV radiation is absorbed. It measures the amount of UV radiation that penetrates a fabric and reaches the skin. It is a measure of total ultraviolet radiation blocked, both UVB and UVA. For example UPF 50 allows only 1/50th best explained as 1% of the UVA/UVB penetrates fabric,” according to SPF Addict. SPF, sun protection factors, is used to rate sunscreens so you know the amount of time you can spend in the sun without getting sun damage.

    I wore the wrap in the morning because I was cold, but didn’t want to wear a jacket because it was supposed to be 80 degrees today. The material is TENCEL SUN®, which is made from Eucalyptus wood. It’s a nice, lightweight fabric that also kept me comfortable in the wind. I kept it on when I was standing in the sun and surprisingly it wasn’t hot. It might be a little warm on hotter days because of the darker colors, but it was find today.

    Most of the sun protection clothes that I find are for hiking and I’m not crazy about the style of them. The SPF Addict wrap was nice because it was stylish and has natural sun protection. I was given the wrap for review, but I think I’m going to buy a long sleeve t-shirt for the beach. It’s a nice alternative to the swim shirts sold at sporting good stores. You can find more SPF Addict clothes at its online store.

  • Skin Cancer Awareness Month

    Happy May! However its also the month for skin cancer awareness. Now that you know , please take the time if you haven't yet, to have a full body check by your dermatologist. Those moles or spots that you've had forever or those new spots that suddenly popped up, areas of the body where the sun doesn't shine are worth a good evaluation.
    It could save your life! PROTECT and PREVENT the largest organ of your body.
    Wear sunscreen daily, sun protective clothes, hat and sunglasses.
    NOW GO GET YOUR CHECKUP and have a wonderful safe summer from SPF Addict the one addiction your skin will thank you for!

  • SPF Addict Featured on

    Fashion meets healthy skin. Read More »

  • Inspirational ~ Woman Spotlight: Marina Arnold Health Advocate, Nurse, Entrepreneur

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  • Top Anti-Aging Tips from a Skincare Professional

    Top Anti-Aging Tips from a Skincare Professional

    Marina Arnold R.N. has been the leading laser skincare specialist of Southern California, having spent over a decade treating patients at Newport Heights Medical Center alongside the prominent plastic surgeon, Dr. Terry Dubrow and board certified dermatologists. Not only has Marina been on the forefront of laser technology, she also founded the stylish skin protection clothing line, SPF Addict. Here’s what she had to say about loving the skin you’re in.


    Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

    Never ever leave your house without sunscreen! That is the least expensive, and most wonderful anti-aging cream you could possibly use. Rain or shine, you should use at least an SPF 30 every single day. Broad Spectrum means you are protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays. My favorite sunscreen is by MD Solar Sciences. It’s light and smooth, unlike some of the sticky, pore-clogging sunscreens out there.

    Wear a Hat in the Sun

    A large hat with at least a 3-inch brim will protect your face from harmful sun damage, including dark spots, wrinkles, and the risk of melanoma.

    Polarized Sunglasses

    You want to protect your eyes, not only from getting crow’s feet, but also from melanoma and cataracts.

    Wash Your Face Every Night

    Cleanse your skin of all the dead cells and free radicals you picked up during the day, as well as makeup, sunscreen, and oils. This is very important for preserving your skin.

    Sleep on Your Back

    Believe it or not your pillow can cause wrinkles. You want to avoid spending hours with your face against a pillow night after night. Also, I recommend a satin pillow.

    Avoid Tanning

    Tanning is the worst thing you could possibly do to your skin whether its your face or your body. Tanning is the quickest way to age your skin. If you want to avoid the risk of skin cancer, avoid sunbathing and tanning beds. Instead use a self-tanning cream if you want to achieve the tan look.

    Beware of Medication that Makes You Photosensitive

    The combination of certain chemicals and sun can make your skin extra sensitive to burning and photoaging. Be sure to ask your doctor if certain drugs will have this effect.

    For sun protective clothes visit:

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