One sun protective item gives so many ways

Most people don't wish to wear heavier, darker fabrics for uv protection. This is still the usual recommendation from many including medical professionals. This is simply NOT realistic in hot, dry or humid weather. There are now many choices for sun protective fabric! You can have a light weight, light color that offers a UPF50+ (ultra violet protective factor) as long as the tags read that this fabric has been tested and passed as per the AATCC (American Association of Textile and Color). You don't have to be covered head to toe, although we want you to include a  3" brim hat when possible. We encourage our dermatology patients to keep a sun protective scarf in the car, for that neck and chest coverage. DON'T FORGET UVA THE LONG WAVE LENGTH PASSES THRU YOUR WINDOWS WHILE THE UVB SHORT WAVE LENGTH IS BUSY BURNING YOUR SKIN.

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