Sun Smart Does Not Have to be Obvious

You no longer have to be intimidated by wearing sun protection. It is NOT obvious nor is it unsightly as it was less then a decade ago. Our dermatology office tried handing out brochures from other companies only to find out they refused to even look at them. Comments like, "Please don't show me those ugly clothes, I would NEVER wear them"

Our attitude can now take on a whole new approach by looking out for our skin while shopping smarter. Watch for UPF50+ anything less will NOT offer your the protection you need.

Please keep in mind that sun isn't the only culprit. Those cloudy days offering sun burns and tans just as strong as direct and indirect sunny days. UVA-Rays passes thru them quite easily as it does your windows while your driving. Please keep in mind most of your sun damage in the car will be on your left side as well as your front windshield. Take on a sun smart approach by keeping a scarf, hat or poncho in your car. Always have sun screen in your glove compartment to reapply for those long road trips.

Today's UPF50+ is comfortable, stylish and can be worn from day thru the night on the town. You also no longer need to fear price points. They are now affordable and offered both on line or brick and mortar.

WATCH OUT FOR SPF ADDICT'S LAGUNA BEACH LOCATION 1500 SOUTH COAST HWY. You will find everything and anything to keep you and your family SUN SAFE and ready to walk the BEACH!

California Dreamin Poncho
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