Why Sun-Protective Clothes?

The most common thought if your out in direct sun is "I thought my own clothes were protecting me"
If your wearing dark colors with a very tight weave you can be protected with your clothes to a degree.
Now we can offer light airy fabrics with fiber technology that not only protects you from the sun's harmful rays, but also offers a sweat absorption factor which allows your skin to breath without the perspiration dampness visible to all. A quick drying factor with a bacterialcidal component will allow comfort all day.

For those with sensitive skin, history of skin cancer and for those who wish to prevent against photoaging and the harmful rays will benefit from this technology.
We now know you can burn right through your regular clothes, unless you have high tech fibers.

Women's Sun Protective Tops Women's Sun Protective Tops

2 thoughts on “Why Sun-Protective Clothes?”

  • Beanies456

    I just stumbled onto your website and excited that you have mens upf clothing and that is made in the US! I hope you guys are thinking about making a lightweight long-sleeve shirt like the women. Oh, and hats! Especially ones that cover the neck! But yeah, just a thought. Still excited though!

    • Marina

      Dear Beanies456,
      Yes, much more is on the way! Thanks so much for your comment, we desire to make a difference for USA jobs, while supporting the ACS and protecting you from the sun without sacrificing style!

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