Sun Protective Item

One Sun Protective Item Gives So Many Ways


Most people don’t wish to wear heavier, darker fabrics for UV protection. This is still the usual recommendation from many including medical professionals. This is simply NOT realistic in hot, dry or humid weather. There are now many choices for sun protective fabric! You can have a lightweight, light color that offers a UPF50+ (ultraviolet […]

Confused about layering your sunscreen?

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If your confused about layering your sunscreen, you are not alone.  Using more then one product on our face everyday can be challenging, especially if you have a doctors prescription, serums, moisturizer and makeup. The first layer you want closest to your skin for best absorption and penetration is the thinnest  product, unless you have […]

Changing Skincare with Changing Seasons


You may wonder why your skin care products don’t look or feel the same on your skin. You may experience dryness, or oily skin different times of the year. Just like you change your hair products, you will need to change out your skin care products from time to time or perhaps alternate them as […]